Etched stainless steel door handle

The basic principle of etching stainless steel door handle or etching: use strong air oxidation of ferric chloride to etch the stainless steel surface, and the ferric iron becomes a relatively stable ferrous iron; the actual production process is: first coat the stainless steel surface with anti-corrosion The corrosion layer, a part that must be guaranteed for maintenance, is placed on the assembly line where ferric chloride is sprayed. After etching, the anti-corrosion layer is cleaned to produce a pattern design.
Etched stainless steel door handles are designed to etch various patterns on the stainless steel surface according to the chemical method. Taking 8K mirror stainless steel, metal wire drawing board and sandblasting board as the base plate, after the etching is solved, the surface of the object is processed. The board completes the actual effect of pattern design brightness and color.
Stainless steel etched door handles are generally etched on stainless steel 8K mirror stainless steel. Stainless steel wire drawing board (model specification: Stainless steel small snowflake sand. General sand. Sandblasting. Various colorful stainless steel plates are etched.
Etched stainless steel stainless steel door handle processing technology:
Stainless steel plate → degreasing → washing → drying → ink printing → drying → soaking → etching pattern design blade (sheet) washing → deinking → washing → grinding and polishing → washing → coloring → washing blade (sheet) hardening → Closed solution → clean up dry leaves (sheets) → inspection → commodity.

Post time: Apr-14-2022