What is the function of steel flexible waterproof casing flange gland

What is the function of the steel flexible waterproof casing flange screw cap?
Soft rigid waterproof casing.
Steel flexible waterproof casing is composed of seamless steel pipe, wing ring, flange cover, bolts, etc. Before we shared the function and more information of the steel flexible waterproof casing, we only shared the water stop ring with you for the raw material of the rigid waterproof casing. Today we will share the function of the flange cover in the steel flexible waterproof casing.
The steel flexible waterproof casing can move the flange cover from top to bottom, and the following is a three-wing ring. The function of the flange cover is to clamp the silicone sealing ring, drive the sealing ring to change, make up the gap between the pipeline and the line pipe, and give full play to the moisture-proof effect.
The flange cap on the steel flexible waterproof casing is also called the pressure rail, which can be divided into two kinds of raw materials: 1. Cast iron parts; 2. Self-production and processing of thick steel plate weldments.
1. The material of Q235 and Q345 can be distinguished according to the color of the thick steel plate: the color of Q235 is green and environmentally friendly. Q345 is a bit red (this is only a stainless steel plate that has just entered the market, and it is not clear after a long time). 2. The inspection to distinguish raw materials is chemical composition analysis. Q235 and Q345 have different carbon content and different organic chemical content. 3. The difference between Q235 and Q345 is the welding method: connect two thick steel plates of unknown raw materials to each other, and use general welding wire to weld. If there is a gap, it is confirmed to be Q345.

Post time: Apr-24-2022